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The Ultimate WooCommerce Guide 

How to easily build, scale and grow your eCommerce store in 2020? Why do specialists recommend WooCommerce and how to implement it step by step? These are the questions asked by many entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey. That’s why Cut2Code gathered the knowledge of 12 experts from the technology and business industries in The Ultimate WooCommerce Guide – a comprehensive and free ebook about creating a successful e-commerce store. It’s over 100 pages of open knowledge and best practices starting at developing your shop on WooCommerce in just 30 minutes, optimizing its work, using new technologies to gain more clients and analyzing its success.

Why Do Experts Choose WooCommerce

WooCommerce is free and open-source software that gives endless possibilities to build and expand an online store working on WordPress. It offers simplicity and is, at the same time, perfectly adapted to the needs of users. According to BuiltWith, there are currently 3,317,205 live websites using WooCommerce and from from the top one million sites, there are 52,458 ones using WooCommerce. What’s more, 93.7% of all WordPress eCommerce websites use the WooCommerce plugin and 28.19% of all online stores are powered by the platform.

– As experts in a field of web development, we have a wide experience in WooCommerce stores implementations. We decided to share our knowledge with entrepreneurs who want to start e-business and show them that it is more attainable than one may think. – says Cut2Code CEO, Greg Rogozinski.

What Can You Find In the Ultimate WooCommerce Guide?

The ebook gathers 12 experts specialized in a field of web development, business, new technologies, online marketing and analytics. Among them, you’ll find insights from companies such as Insightland – an International SEO Agency, Hexe Data – an analytics company, and Chatbot experts from KODA Bots.

– To share a complete perspective on building e-business, we invited experts from related fields with the approach not only from a technical point of view. – adds Rogozinski.

Technical Aspects of Ecommerce Website

– What to pay attention to when starting a business on WooCommerce?

– How to build your eCommerce website, step by step, in just 30 min using a WooCommerce platform?

– How to optimize a store built on WooCommerce?

– How to analyze and measure its success?

A Business Perspective On Ecommerce in 2020. Business Management, Sales, Voice Search, Chatbots

– What should you take care of in order to increase the visibility of your WooCommerce in the era of voice search?

– Hot to build a positive eCommerce image in the media?

– How to automate sales processes with the help of chatbots? 

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