The company created its own fully secure software for building enterprise-class chatbots and voicebots. KODA created this not only bearing Messenger in mind but also other messaging apps and private intranet/extranet websites.

They focus on every communication process that can be automatized.

  • sales leads (fin-tech)
  • traffic (media)
  • customer service (all industries)
  • marketing – contests, lotteries (FMCG)
  • marketing automation (ecommerce)
  • order status notifications, prices, weather alerts (transport).

Other solutions (B2B, B2C, in-house)

  • employees onboarding (intranet)
  • information on HR and payroll (intranet)
  • communication with sales networks (Skype)
  • finding the closest facilities (Google Assistant).
Hexe Capital

The software allows for the creation of any number of scenarios, combinations, and changes the bot content in real-time. The management of keywords and key phrases and combining them with the content inside the chatbot is just as easy! KODA is constantly developing their NLP system. They’ve also integrated the platform with Google’s Dialogflow and Techmo system.

The KODA Platform lets them integrate and exchange data with the most critical IT systems of clients. Transferring data, filtering products, connecting accounts, sending push notifications from external devices, notifications about changes in the order status, invoice availability, etc. Data connection and exchange open up a range of possibilities.

The company is run projects comprehensively

Starting with an idea and ending with the publication of your automation solution. Depending on the clients’ needs – they provide them with customer service, sharing knowledge and inspirations with the people responsible for managing the chatbots or voicebots in the Automated Communication Management System.

Michał Pawełczyk

Michał Pawełczyk


Aleksandra Bilińska

Head of Customer Success