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Hexe Capital

Founded in 2017, KODA offers ACMS technology services, as well as the SaaS model. The company is the leading specialist in enterprise-strength automation software that allows companies to facilitate internal and external business communication across diverse channels.


ambiscale (formerly Cut2Code) was founded by Grzegorz Rogoziński in 2016. It is a dev-house that provides hand-crafted HTML services for your business. They are a team of professionals who collaborate with clients and agencies worldwide to deliver the best handwoven websites and banner ads.


Insightland was founded in 2018 by Katarzyna Iwanich and Irena Zobniów. It is an SEO company powered by women. Its aim is to provide SEO services to drive more valuable organic traffic to their clients’ websites.


Founded in 2021, Boostsite offers a system that comprehensively supports the SEO optimization process in the SaaS model. The Boostsite tool is one of the most extensive on the international market.

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