KODA Bots as the first in Poland offers Automation on WhatsApp

Hexe Capital

WhatsApp has officially opened its API. This means that companies have a possibility to automate communication with clients in the most popular application worldwide. KODA Bots is the first technology provider in Poland that offers business implementations in this area.

The popularity of WhatsApp is growing regularly from year to year. For now, 1.6 billion people are using it and the number is growing. Opening the WhatsApp’s API is a new opportunity for companies that strive to automate communication. And to be accessible where their customers want.

Automated chat solutions on WhatsApp are already available abroad but so far there has been no company in Poland providing this type of implementation.

Mariusz Pełechaty
CEO of KODA Bots

KODA Bots’ mission is to be the communication automation leader. That’s why it is the first technology provider in Poland that offers enterprise realizations on WhatsApp for businesses. With the first one to be announced.

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